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SBRd foundation services begin with our superior quality modeling expertise.SBRd saves time and money by virtually assembling a building before it’s been constructed.Our team consists of engineers,trade specialists and other highly skilled professionals who can design BIMs from scratch or convert 2D drawings into 3D models with real construction experience.
SBRd BIM team creates data rich–object based digital representations of Plant and buildings for construction and design professionals.We measure and work in all types of Built Environments,bringing value across the entire life cycle of an asset.
According to required BIM Output we can create simple models with lower LOD(Level of development) that generate Clash Detection reports; furthermore complex models can The BIM Project Execution Plan defines responsibilities and deliverables for each party at each phase,milestones,collaboration,uses of the BIM Model on the project(such as: design reviews,clash detection,3D coordination,record modeling,produce Quantity Take-Offs or even LOD 400 Fabrication Models to extract shop drawings and spools,as well as data6D Facility Management purposes.

When you trust SBRd to be your partner in the BIM process,SBRd lets you:

       - Get cost-saving solutions,innovative tools and proven best practices 
       - Deliver Lasting Value for your Capital Projects
       - Empower your teams and lower the time, cost, and risk of capital project engineering 
       - Develop an EPC 4.0 strategy that sets your teams up for success, saving you up to 15% on your total installed costs 

The advantages of SBRd’ BIM Modeling Services include:
    - The highest quality BIM Content in the Market 
      - Modeling with true construction expertise
      - Experience on LOD 400 Fabrication Level modeling
      - Unique On-Site support business model
      - Value Engineering throughout the modeling and coordination process
      - Improvements on coordinating construction sequencing
      - Early detection of problems that may arise during construction
      - Solid experience on the generation of Data rich BIM for FM models “LOD 500”
      - Web Base modeling through AVEVA NET/Autodesk Viewer

To further assist you, we can assign one or more of our BIM professionals On-Site, next to your design team for the duration of your project. Our BIM professionals will assist you residing in your office or in the field(On-Site Support),while the rest of the SBRd team guide you from our head offices.


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A Professional BIM service provider in MENA


-SBRd mission is to offer BIM and digitalization services in MENA.

-SBRd is committed to provide the qualified services and values to the customers.

-To attract client acting in many fields specially in steel ,mining ,oil ,gas and petrochemical and environment protection.

-To offer our customers excellent services,at a reasonable price,and provide outstanding customer experience measured


Board of Directors

Hamid Saadatnia

Hamid Saadatnia

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Amirkhalil Beheshti

Amirkhalil Beheshti

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